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Welcome to "Articles". The following articles are my choice for information, insight, and enjoyment. All writings are offered for intellectual understanding only with the hope that they can enlighten on a deeper level. My experience is that sometimes we read a word, a phrase,
something, and it resonates as truth, and something opens that was closed before.

Eating Disorders - Learn to recognize the signs and signals of food disorders.

* Food Addictions  [READ]

* Physical Dangers [READ]

* Signs of Anorexia/Bulimia [READ]

* Signs of Binge Eating  [READ]

Excuses - Why making excuses keeps you from the good things in life and how to stop buying into them.    [READ]

Narcissism - Everything you need to know about Narcissism...and then more. Sam Vaknin writes about narcissism and is an authority on it. He should know - he is a narcissist but has the ability to see who he is and what this disorder is about. Although I do not label, I feel this dysfunction is very destructive and needs to be identified so that those of you in a relationship with a person like this will begin to understand that YOU cannot fix it and it is not your fault.

* Narcissism Book of Quotes - A selection of quotes from over 12,000 individuals who have had relationships with narcissists - narcissists that are partners, parents, children, bosses, friends. [READ]

* How to Recognize a Narcissist - According to Sam Vaknin, "Narcissists are an elusive breed, hard to spot, harder to pinpoint, impossible to capture. Even an experienced mental health diagnostician has difficulty. Learn to recognize one. [READ]

* Narcissist and Relationships - How a narcissist destroys the lives of others. Read this article and re-gain YOUR sanity. [READ]

* Narcissistic Personality Disorder - Read beyond the Diagnostic Statistical Manual (DSM) to understand the behavior of narcissists. [READ]

* Narcissistic Supply - Understand narcissistic supply as the source that mirrors back to the narcissist his/her self-esteem. YOU end up being his/her supply when you stay in a relationship with a narcissist. [READ]

* The narcissist in Court - Need to take an ex to court or need to know how to deal straight-on with a narcissist.  [READ]

* Treatment for Narcissistic Personality Disorder - A narcissist never willingly seeks treatment. Read to understand why this personality disorder is extremely difficult to treat. [READ]

Spiritual - Articles that point you toward to a deeper understanding of the Inner Self, to surrendering to "what is", to being in the present moment, and to staying open rather than closed......

* Eckhart Tolle - an Interview - learn from a master how to open your heart to love. Tolle "gets it" and lives it!! [READ]

* Raising Your Consciousness - David Zimmer gives ten premises that will alter your perception and raise your consciousness - if you follow them.  [READ]

The first time I read Stuart Wilde, I remember thinking, "What a hoot.  Right on the money".  He is smart, his heart is open, and he has the rare ability of putting it all together in a way that is scared and irreverent at the same time.  Simultaneously, he cuts through the BS and connects to the core of what is real and true.

If you haven't read Rumi, you are in for a treat. Rumi's passionate, playful poems find and celebrate scared life in everyday existence. They speak across all traditions, to all peoples:  Read Rumi and be transported inward to that vast expanse of love.






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