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 The Oprah Magazine, Sept. 2005

Chosen by Oprah Magazine as the Life Coach to deliver 12 Coaching sessions to the grand prize winner of their Toyota Moving Forward contest.

In a national competition, Chandra was selected by THE OPRAH MAGAZINE as The Life Coach to deliver a series of coaching sessions to the Grand prize winner of their prestigious Toyota Moving Forward contest.  She also spent five years on NBC/TV DAYTIME giving a weekly program called “Reality Check”.  She has written 2 books, produced several CD sets, been interviewed on radio and newspapers as well as having an international clientele and private practice in Tampa where she resides. Chandra Alexander has been living and teaching authenticity for the last 30 years.   

After winning The Oprah Magazine contest all I can say is "Life is what happens when least expected." This is how I can best relate to having met Chandra.  With Chandra's help and wisdom, I was able to finally let go of a bad situation that had resulted in the loss of my identity, and ultimately, re-claim my place in the world.  I am finally on the road to a life changing journey and now making decisions that tell a different story.  There is no substitute for the gift of learning that life is full of second chances.  Chandra was there every step of the way.

-          Avy Kenny 12/2007 Grand Prize Winner of Toyota Moving Forward Contest


WFLA-TV/NBC "Daytime" - Once a regular guest on Daytime, Chandra takes live call-in questions from viewers seeking advice and insight.

"Chandra is Tampa's very own 'Dr. Phil'. Straightforward, to the point and doesn't fool around. When it comes to a 'Reality Check' she doesn't pull any punches. We love her weekly segment and so do our viewers."

April K. Wilson
WFLA's Daytime Producer

Viewer Reviews

Hi Chandra
I loved today's message it was perfect for me

"If you are “waiting” for the other person to change, you are setting up a no-win situation. We change because we want to change, not because someone wants us to. "

I'm a Special teacher education, I teach Pre-K students with severe and multiple disabilities. Currently I have a principal who does not understand  these students and wants the class to be different I have pleased  him for the last two years  thinking he  change and I could show what these students truly need.  Over the last months I lost my love of teaching and looked forward to last day of school.  You are so right I can not change this principal, so I'm looking for a new teaching job.  I'm truly excited about the search and the new possibly, I feel so BRAVE!!!!

Thank you for your daily advice
Pamela De Loach 

Hi Chandra,

First, I would like to say that I watch you on Daytime and I can not express enough how powerful and to the point I feel your advice is. It is not any of the "well, what do you think you should do" mantras we sometimes hear from professional psychiatrists, etc. It is simply put, right between the eyes advice about what to do in the here and now. I applaud you for how well you seem to express this. I am so very, very impressed by your advice to people. 

Jan Restivo

Hi Chandra,

 I watch Daytime as most people do. I was ironing and watching and a lady called in about anxiety of flying to her sister's. Well I have same problem. I used to fly but, since it's been years that I have flown. Our son and his wife are in the Navy in Norfolk Va. and they have presented us with  there first son Eric Lee, which I got to give him his first name, it's a family way we pass on, sorry got off track. The kid's want me to fly up, but they know I have this problem, I can fly nonstop, which is fantastic, it's just doing it alone. Sarah (daughter in law) said she would fly down and fly with me but I would still have to fly home alone.   I am not a  baby, but I hate to get in air and know I can't get out or open window for air , I hope you don't think I am odd. I want to see our little man (Eric) so bad, I can hear you, “Well girl, put your mind to it and go fly to that little man.  Can you tell this Nana there is hope? 


Micki Nixon

Zephyrhills, FL

Hi Chandra, It’s been 1-2 years since our last talks.  I saw you on TV today and recall our great strides in our sessions.  Simply put:  "Thanks!"  You look and sound great; I feel great having lost 125 pounds, and I look forward to talking with you again soon. 

Fondly,   Nancy McDalbot 

P.S.  Your chandelier earrings looked perfect with your outfit!

Dear Chandra, 

I very much appreciate the interesting and informative television segments, as well as the question and answer portion of the segments, I have seen on the Daytime television show.  I look forward to your Daytime television segments, and thank you. 

Best regards,


Good Morning Chandra,


May I say how gratifying it is to listen to your frank and sound observations and insight into problems that face us in our attempts to live healthy meaningful lives.

I am constantly impressed with your viewpoints and am writing to thank you for sharing in such a way through your TV appearances....I learn from you


Jean Duncan

(727) 442-4730

Hi Chandra,

I love your daily e-mails. I was going through some things and found a card my aunt sent. It has a wonderful verse on the back, you may have read it before but I wanted to share it.

The highest good is like water.

Water gives life to ten thousand things and does not strive.

It flows in places men reject and so it is like to Tao.

In dwelling, be close to the land.

In dealing with others, be gentle and kind.

In speech, be true.

In ruling, be just.

In business, be competent.

In action, watch the timing.

No fight: No blame 

Thank you for inspiring me every day, Lauren Massell

Dear Chandra,

I watch you on DayTime regularly. I have MS and I time my rest time after my shot to the show time.

You never fail to be informative and full of life affirmations.




I watch you on the Daytime show and I think you are great. I really try to listen to the things you talk about, but for the first time I think I need some help and being a man I am not used to asking for help about my feelings.



Hi Chandra,

        I was visiting in Florida for a few days on business and saw you on the morning show you are awesome!

Dear Chandra: I live in Orange county California and receive your daily emails.  I love your coaching style and the wisdom you share.  I have just transitioned out of "not-working" relationship and now recognize all the incorrect beliefs, fears, and thought processes that kept me stuck.  Thank you for being there when it counted the most!

Thanks in advance,

 Love, Cherie Dugas

Hey Chandra –  

Signed up for your daily e’s and have been receiving them for months. Have been categorizing & logging them on word and reading them as “positive affirmations”…..

Just some feeback…………. 

Sincerely,Lee Andrews - P.A.


Amazingly, the few times I am home to see you on a Monday, you seem to say just the thing that I need to hear for my "dilemma of the moment." I thought the three C's of a relationship was such a good relationship litmus test but the most useful thing was when you pointed out that more of one does not make up for a deficit in the others. I imagined it like the soundness of a three legged stool when one leg is woefully shorter!  I have been guilty of trying to "prop up" the wanting area on more than one occasion...but then I come to my senses! You are great and I love the daily e-mail.
Thanks so much,
~Pam Lewis


 I love it ! You Go Chandra !  The best advice ever !

Thanks for being you !  Such an inspiration ! 



I heard you this morning on Channel 8, and listening to you was very refreshing.  I loved your attitude and professionalism, and I loved what you said.

Jean DeFerrari


Dr. Chandra,

Just a note - My therapist loves you! 

I grew up in a narcissistic home, and seem to attract the same kind of people in my life.  I happened to see you one morning on Daytime.  This may be the turning point I needed.  I would have given anything to go to the seminar, but I could not afford it.  I would love to have your book and will try to find the money soon.  Thank you for the daily inspiration in the mean time.

Diane Stewart, Venice, FL

Hi Chandra,

I am very interested in your coachgirl concept and have recently been turned on to you by Channel 8 Monday mornings...  I'm running out to buy your book today, but would like to attend any future seminars.   I just missed your 9/17 event in Tampa, when is your next seminar? 

Laura Irwin

Hello, I live in NJ and was vacationing in Tampa area this weekend (and caught your segment on "Daytime"). My mom and I were glued (as we are both lacking chemistry in our marriages!).

I related to everything you said about chemistry....way to go! 

Thank you so much!

 A fan in NJ,
Jennifer Alexiou

 PS...Is your book available all over the US?

I appreciated what you said on TV today and I have to be thankful that I had a headache and thus got to stay home and watch you. I am new to Tampa and new to Florida but will be watching you and Daytime every Monday.

God bless and thank you,

Edna Yaghi

I'm glad there is someone actually competent out there, with a public forum, who is making some attempt to help people remember how to think (for themselves). There are so many who have forgotten. With all the distorted input from everywhere and what appears to be a chronic lack of any kind of reality based living and thinking, it's no wonder. I've actually had the thought of dropping you a note for awhile now....just to say that I find quite refreshing your approach to the world, people, and situations. I'm a big fan of accepting things being what they are.  A little common sense goes a long way.  

Best Regards,  

Darlynn Czerner

Dear Chandra, 

I have watched you on Mondays for many months, purchased your books----one for each of my adult daughters and myself, and attended your seminar this past Saturday.  Obviously, I think you're great and value your judgment  and assessment & advice of the situations and problems posed to you by your clients and fans! 

Thank you in advance for your help!

Sharon Congdon

You were awesome today (Monday) on daytime;  you were so about the "law of attraction," and so many people you want to MAKE get it, and they don't.  Makes one ponder old Soul concept...

I Loved the segment.
Love your way,

I have seen you many times on "Daytime", and have come to respect your authority/opinion on many of the subjects featured there.  I work late, so I catch the second show at 3:00 a.m. and can't call in (I actually tried) seeing as no one is there.  Thank you, and keep up the good work, but remember your work is more than just a job.

I watched you on TV this morning and feel like you are the only person who can help me.

I've watched you several times on TV and just want to say I have never heard anyone speak on relationships with more insight and understanding than you.  I have read your book and recommended it to many of my friends.  Each time I hear you, I get a better understanding of my own relationships and make changes that result in very positive and rewarding ways.  Thank you. 








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