The Oprah Magazine, Sept. 2005

Chosen by Oprah Magazine as the Life Coach to deliver 12 Coaching sessions to the grand prize winner of their Toyota Moving Forward contest.


WFLA-TV/NBC "Daytime" - Once a regular guest on Daytime, Chandra takes live call-in questions from viewers seeking advice and insight.

"Chandra is Tampa's very own 'Dr. Phil'. Straightforward, to the point and doesn't fool around. When it comes to a 'Reality Check' she doesn't pull any punches. We love her weekly segment and so do our viewers."

April K. Wilson
WFLA's Daytime Producer



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This daily email is an opportunity to stay connected to what's real and true. Cutting through to "The Real Truth" is my way of sharing with you an inner barometer to test the "realness" of where you are at any moment. Having a good life is not for the weak at heart. A cold eye is what's needed to plunge our inner depths and for that we must be brave. Regardless of our dysfunction, our ego must be healthy and strong enough so that we can we be brutally honest with ourselves. Real bravery is accepting that the inner journey will include "uncomfortableness" and anxiety; that there is no way to face our demons without the willingness to meet them. There will always be emotional pain when we finally feel our grief and sadness, and get in touch with a lifetime of "stuffed feelings", but once we stop resisting what has always been there, we experience freedom, and finally know that suffering is optional. Here's to living in the present moment - not the past or the future - Chandra

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