Textiles from the Japanese and Artifacts

Alexander's Fine Arts Gallery presents "Fifty Years of Collecting", the private Chinese and Japanese textile collection from the Ch'ing Dynasty of Milt and Lorraine Clark that began in 1994 when Milt Clark was stationed in Peking, China. For the first time anywhere, individual pieces from this collection are for sale.

During Mr. Clark's assignment to Peking in 1944 he was introduced to Mr. Dong, curator of the Peking Museum. Mr. Dong became his mentor and under his tutelage, Clark learned the art of collecting fine antique Chinese and Japanese textiles. Mr. Dong opened a new world of knowledge to Milt Clark which included a visit to the Forbidden City in Peking, with its 800 buildings and 9000 rooms.

The beauty and detail of oriental textiles, whether an oriental robe, hanging embroidery or simply a fragment from a garment is readily apparent. The skill of the Chinese in producing textiles is proverbial. Spindle whorls dating from the 5th millennium B.C. (Panpo Village) have been discovered in China. With the discovery of silk came a method for dying the fiber; and embroidery was born. Imperial garments, hanging panels, and altar covers are embroidered, and varied according to social status, and function. Depending on who wore the garment and what they were used for, the fabric, color and design were greatly diversified. The dragon, the symbol of imperial power, the peach, the fruit of immortality, or the tiger, the image representing power and strength all are just a few of the re-current themes.

This outstanding collection features a showing of the Eight Immortals, individual figures of silk and real hair dating from the late 1800's. Anyone interested in Orientalia has heard about the Eight Immortals. They were supposed to be Taoist immortals and the chance to collect all eight is a rare opportunity.

All the following textiles and artifacts are for sale.

References available upon request.

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Textiles from the Japanese

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Haori (Japanese): Closed ... Open
Black silk robe with plum blossoms, crest on shoulder, lined in blue silk with same design. Excellent condition

Kosode (Japanese):
Black silk robe with hand painted pine trees, cranes, red silk lining also hand painted. Early 1900's. Excellent condition

Kosode (Japanese):
Black silk crepe robe with bamboo motif and river print design. Has crest. Early 1800's. Excellent condition


Pair of Oriental Wood Cut-Out Birds:
14"x 22". Black lacquered wood cut-out birds and flowers. May be boxwood. Birds and flowers are done in color. Large ceramic bead and silk tassel hang at bottom of each. Origination unknown, 19th century.
$1,300.00 pair


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