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Words from Chandra

Hi.... Welcome to Alexander's Fine Arts Gallery in historic Ybor City in Tampa, Fla. The gallery is located at 1517 E. 7th Ave. in the heart of the historic district and is open 7 days a week - Monday through Saturday, 11AM to 6PM, and Sunday 1PM to 5PM. Special appointments available- call 1-813.348.9885.

Alexander's Fine Arts Gallery is Tampa's finest contemporary art gallery specializing in original work only from nationally and internationally known artists. The work is sophisticated and contemporary and ranges from painting and sculpture, to clay, mixed media and photography. "

Now for "Words from Chandra" - "Alexander's Fine Arts Gallery is for the first time art buyer as well as for the art connoisseur. The gallery represents thirty artists worldwide whose work spans many different mediums. The majority of all work is under $10,000,all the artists have extensive resumes - painting, sculpting full time, and all the work is original.

For the first time art buyer, there is nothing to know other than what you like, what resonates with you. The gallery is open and inviting. We carry full notebooks on each of the artists so you can see who they are, where they have "come from" and where they are going. So much of buying art is education and exposure. You will never feel intimidated in this gallery because we know that we were all first time art buyers at one time. This will be a fun experience - I promise.

For the art connoisseur - the work is solid! Of course, I choose the artists and ultimately it reflects my aesthetic sensibility, but I have spent many years looking for just the right mix, getting feedback from my clients, and always being open to new, strong talent.

As you start to navigate this site, I think you will find it very comprehensive and exciting. The painting ranges from oil and acrylic to watercolor - very abstract to representational. The sculpture is marble, clay, steel. Much of the work is mixed media - textural pieces, collage and ink. There are powerful raku vessels and sculptures. Some of the work has a primitive quality and yet is very sophisticated. All in all - worth a look!


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