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A message from Chandra:

This is a strange time - nothing like any of us could've imagined. Living through this health crisis is counter-intuitive. We think because we are home we should be doing more but the truth is, we need to be doing less.

The stress of this crisis works subconsciously on your mind and body.This is the time for you to learn self-care, to set boundaries and to decide for yourself the best course of action. For this, you need to be quiet, not busy, and at moments need to be doing absolutely nothing. Sometimes you need to connect, to feel your way through the fear –

Reach out if you need anything. I am here. Big remote hug, Chandra


Tampa Life Coach, Chandra Alexander, welcomes you to Coaching for Authenticity, Inc., a place to explore and discover the essence of who you really are. Unlike traditional psychotherapy, which utilizes the medical model we are sick and need to be diagnosed and fixed, Life Coaching instead focuses on the amazing human journey, the present rather than the past, and the discipline and hard work it takes to achieve goals. Rather than ask, What is wrong with you?, Life Coaching asks, What happened to you?

If you are tired of hearing over and over again, So, how do you feel about this? and instead want to take an active and responsible role in creating the life you want, Life Coaching is for you. 

"Tampa Bay’s Own Dr. Phil"

Life Coach Chandra Alexander has a private practice in Tampa, FL. She coaches clients from all over the world about business, relationships, and consciousness. She has traveled the world, spending 10 years in India, studying and meditating. She has been doing this work for the last 30 years.  

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