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What Kind of Coaching Do You Offer?

Coaching for Authenticity, Inc. offers private coaching for personal and business relationships. Chandra Alexander, MSW, is an expert in the area of relationships, both personal and/or professional, having been a Relationship/Life Coach for the last 30 years. One (1) hour of Private Coaching is $275, Once you have made the purchase, you will receive an email confirmation and a phone number to call Chandra to set up an appointment. These private coaching sessions can either be by telephone, Zoom, Facetime or in person in Tampa, Florida. To talk with Chandra, please call 813.348.9885 or 1.800.760.9885 or email

Why is coaching for Authenticity different than other kinds of coaching?

Coaching for Authenticity uses no tools. There are no products to buy, no courses to take, no homework to do. Simply by showing up and keeping your commitment to the coaching session what’s real begins to rise to the surface. Without tools which are ultimately distractions, we are able to target quickly and directly what needs to be worked on.

What is coaching for Authenticity?

Coaching for Authenticity recognizes life’s wholeness. Once we understand that each part affects every other part, we can see that poor business decisions adversely affect our personal life and an unhappy relationship causes problems at work. As long as we try to partition our life into manageable parts, we will miss the chance to feel real, whole and alive. We cannot think our way through life. We can only figure out what we want when we know how we feel. And we can only feel when we acknowledge all of our life, not just the parts we like.

What is a Life Coach?

By focusing on the present and not the past, Life Coaches have emerged as a viable and exciting alternative to traditional psychotherapy. By dealing with what is, a Life Coach works with you to uncover your true goals and desires. Using a variety of powerful techniques combined with intensive personal counseling, a Life Coach supports you as you move towards your dreams. Just think of a Life Coach as a personal trainer for your life.

How do I know if Coaching is for me?

If you feel stuck in any area of your life, coaching is for you. Only you know what aspects of your life have been neglected and only you can decide to do something about them. No one can tell you this. Ask yourself - Are you doing work you love? Does your relationship open you more than you could open being alone? Getting unstuck begins with your recognition that the time is now.

What should I look for in the Coaching relationship?

The most important part of any relationship is the quality of the communication between you and your coach. Trust your feelings. Are you being heard? Are you motivated to change? Are you seeing things about yourself that you never saw before? A coach may have credentials, but only when you feel connected to the coach and invested in the relationship will there be a successful partnership.

Who needs a coach?

Entrepreneurs, Professionals and Business Executives who want to increase profitability, tap into creativity, develop balance and expand horizons. Individuals in career and/or life transition

and people who aren’t having any fun and those who want a deeper look inside. 

Why does Coaching work?

Simply put, it’s hard to do on your own. We may be very psychologically astute with our friends, but we have difficulty seeing our own stuff. A good coaching relationship keeps us focused on where we are going and what we need to do to get there. Being accountable to your coach keeps you connected to the promises you make to yourself.

How much does it cost?

Our initial telephone conversation is free. If we decide to work together, my per session fee is $275 per hour or $1000 per month (a savings of $100), which includes four one-hour coaching sessions and check in’s by text or e-mail. The monthly fee of $1000 is payable on the first session of each contracted month. If you are interested in putting together a group for group therapy, the cost is $75 per person with a minimum of four participants.

Group sessions are usually 2 hours. Any agreed upon additional services are negotiated separately. A forty-eight (48) hour cancellation policy is in effect for all scheduled sessions. Your payment is your contract for the agreed upon sessions. If you cancel your appointment prior to the 48-hour grace period, another appointment will be scheduled for you. Payments, once made, are non-transferable and non-refundable. Long term corporate contracts are negotiated separately.

How do I pay?

You can pay by check, cash, venmo or PayPal. All telephone sessions are paid for in advance. Coaching for Authenticity, Inc. requires payment in full when services are rendered and does not accept insurance.

How do I start the coaching process?

Call me at 813.348-9885 or toll-free at 1.800.760.9885

or e-mail Let’s talk to one another. We will both know very quickly if our partnership will be a good one. What makes this process work is the relationship. When the relationship is good, the whole becomes larger than the sum of its parts. Together, we will make you more successful than either one of us ever dreamed or imagined.



Hi Chandra

I loved today's message it was perfect for me

"If you are waiting for the other person to change, you are setting up a no-win situation. We change because we want to change, not because someone wants us to. "

I'm a Special Education teacher, I teach Pre-K students with severe and multiple disabilities. Currently I have a principal who does not understand  these students and wants the class to be different I have pleased  him for the last two years  thinking he  change and I could show what these students truly need.  Over the last months I lost my love of teaching and looked forward to last day of school.  You are so right I cannot change this principal, so I'm looking for a new teaching job.  I'm truly excited about the search and the new possibly, I feel so BRAVE!!!!

Thank you for your daily advice

Pamela De Loach 


Hi Chandra,

First, I would like to say that I watch you on Daytime and I can not express enough how powerful and to the point I feel your advice is. It is not any of the "well, what do you think you should do" mantras we sometimes hear from professional psychiatrists, etc. It is simply put, right between the eyes advice about what to do in the here and now. I applaud you for how well you seem to express this. I am so very, very impressed by your advice to people. 

Jan Restivo



Good Morning Chandra, May I say how gratifying it is to listen to your frank and sound observations and insight into problems that face us in our attempts to live healthy meaningful lives.

I am constantly impressed with your viewpoints and am writing to thank you for sharing in such a way through your TV appearances....I learn from you

Respectfully, Jean Duncan (727) 442-4730


Hi Chandra,

I was visiting in Florida for a few days on business and saw you on the morning show you are awesome!  Sam



I love it ! You Go Chandra !  The best advice ever !

Thanks for being you !  Such an inspiration ! 



Dr. Chandra,

Just a note - My therapist loves you! 

I grew up in a narcissistic home, and seem to attract the same kind of people in my life.  I happened to see you one morning on Daytime.  This may be the turning point I needed.  I would have given anything to go to the seminar, but I could not afford it.  I would love to have your book and will try to find the money soon.  Thank you for the daily inspiration in the mean time.

Diane Stewart, Venice, FL



I'm glad there is someone actually competent out there, with a public forum, who is making some attempt to help people remember how to think (for themselves). There are so many who have forgotten. With all the distorted input from everywhere and what appears to be a chronic lack of any kind of reality based living and thinking, it's no wonder. I've actually had the thought of dropping you a note for awhile now....just to say that I find quite refreshing your approach to the world, people, and situations. I'm a big fan of accepting things being what they are.  A little common sense goes a long way.  

Best Regards,  

Darlynn Czerner



I watched you on TV this morning and feel like you are the only person who can help me.