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All about Chandra

Considering Chandra for a speaker?
If you are truly looking for something DIFFERENT....a speaker that will leave your attendees feeling empowered, Chandra has an important message that will directly impact the bottom line.

Integrating a strong business sense with spirituality and self-actualization, Chandra reveals the secrets of relationships in work and love - with the boss, co-workers, personal partners, and most importantly, the "Self" relationship.

Speaker - When Chandra speaks, people listen. This no nonsense speaker takes ordinary everyday topics and gives the listener a new way to look at the same old stuff. Her presentations are compelling and insightful and audiences stay in their seats once she gets up to speak. If you're looking for intelligence, clarity, feistiness and spirit, this speaker is not to be missed.

Life Coach with a full-time Executive and Life Coaching practice in South Tampa, FL, she is gifted with crystal clear vision that can peer into places we won't, and tells it like it is. Combining absolute clarity with compassion, she is a guide through murky emotional waters and has provided help to hundreds of people. Her approach works and her guidance continues to grow in popularity.

TV Personality Beginning in May 2002 - Dec. 2006 - Chandra appeared every Monday on WFLA/NBC's DAYTIME where she gave a weekly "Reality Check". Over the last 10 years she has spent another year on Fox's Good Day Tampa Bay and a year following on NBC/WFLA's Midday News. The phone lines always lite up when she was on the air; reviews are in and Chandra's reality approach is a hit!

Author - Chandra's unique worldview and own life experiences have culminated in her book, Reality Works, Let It Happen. Served in 52 bite size portions are realistic, gutsy and evocative chapters on what it takes to make our journey authentic. For those who want their spirituality "straight-up", without the endless anecdotes and explanations, Reality Works debunks spiritual myths and strips complicated concepts to the bare essentials. Her EBook, Relationship Therapy on Demand is like having a therapist on call. By giving women the courage to love themselves first, you learn how to take care of yourself while at the same time stay open to love.  And finally, her book EPIPHANY, Power Statements That Change Your Life, brings you to an instant realization of what is I. Chandra is the speaker who will provide attendees with personal insight into themselves that can be used in their work life as well as their personal lives. They will be talking about the value of this seminar for many meetings to come.

* Chandra is located in Tampa, FL/Also willing to travel.

* No equipment needed other than a lavaliere mike and a podium.
* For more information on availability and fees, please call 813.348.9885